Make jars of fruits and vegetables: the procedure to follow to stop wasting and save

Making jars of fruit or vegetables helps to fight waste and save money. In addition, it is simple to perform and economical. Explanations.

Do you have vegetables or fruits that you don’t know what to do with?

Does your vegetable garden give you more than you need? Want to store fruit for the winter? So, it’s time to prepare jars that you can taste.

This simple and economical solution will preserve the tastes, textures and flavors of your products intact. It will also allow you to eat healthy foods, without preservatives and additives.

Add to that the use of glass jars, containing more ecological and you have no more reason not to make some. Especially since the method of preparation is simple.


1. Wash and boil

Wash the jars and lids with hot water and washing-up liquid, then rinse thoroughly with hot water and allow to air dry.

Arrange your jars and lids in a pot, cover with water so as to cover the jars. Boil, wait 10 minutes and let dry on a cloth.

2. Choose washed vegetables

Choose fresh, soilless, washed vegetables. Work on a clean work surface and do not use a wooden spoon as they do not sterilize. Vegetables should be blanched if needed. Fill your jars or terrines up to 2 cm from the rim.

3. Sterilize your jars

Sterilize the rubber washers and check that the rim of your jar is clean. Sterilize in a pressure cooker or pressure cooker. Place a tea towel at the bottom of the container then fill with water up to 30 cm above the jars.

Once cooled, check that everything is good by unblocking the closing system. The lid should stay glued to the jar.

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