Maddy and Benjamin Samat moved: their dog Maya meets their baby for the first time

A year ago, Benjamin Samat and Maddy Burciaga welcomed a little dog into their home. Since Maya has grown well and welcomes in turn a new inhabitant: it is the couple’s baby. The reality TV candidates shared the encounter between their newborn and the dog on Instagram on Sunday October 2, 2022.

It is a whole new life that Maddy Burciaga and Benjamin Samat are about to live. The two lovers who met on the set of Marseilles, but it was outside of this entertainment that they got together. Spinning the perfect love, they adopted a dog, named Maya, they got married and hosted a happy event. After nine months of unimpeded pregnancy and good health, Maddy Burciaga gave birth on September 30, 2022 to a baby boy. On Instagram, Benjamin Samat and his companion shared the first post-birth photos of their son and took the opportunity to reveal the name of the child. This is a little Andrea who completes the Samat family. Sunday October 2, 2022, the couple and their son left the clinic in Dubai to return home where their dog Maya was waiting for them.

cute presentations

Indeed, a year ago, the couple had adopted a small camel-colored dog. Regularly, the couple shares their moments of complicity with their pet. After giving birth, Maddy Burciaga explained in an Instagram story on Sunday October 2 that it was time to return home to find Maya. The couple then left the clinic during the day with a son in full health in order to make the presentations between their newborn and their dog.

In story on Instagram, Andrea’s parents both shared a video of this meeting. It is a touching moment that we discover in image. On Benjamin Samat’s social networks, his illustrious story a horny young Maya and happy to come and sniff the baby in his maxi-cosi. “The meeting is way too cute”he wrote. “Did you smell?”, “you kiss?”, asks the young parents to their dog. What she hastens to do. In Maddy Burciaga’s story, Maya puts her paws on the newborn’s cradle to look at it. A sequence that we never get tired of!


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