Madagascar: Madame Berthe’s mouse lemur threatened with extinction

Madame Berthe’s lemur measures approximately 9 cm and weighs 30 grams. It is the smallest primate in the world. He only lives in Madagascar. It risks disappearing from the surface of the globe in the next few days, if the Ménabé forest, its only refuge, does not urgently become a reserve!

With climate change and the migration of populations from the south of Madagascar to the north, all the forests of the Big Island are reduced to firewood or pruned to become cultivable areas.

Under these conditions, endemic species, the rarest and most fragile on our planet, are in great danger. the Microcebus berthae Where mouse lemur of Madame Berthe, the smallest primate on earth, lives in the dry forest of Menabe on the East coast.
His living space to reduced every day a little more, however, this lemur does not take up much space with its 9 cm long and its 30 grams.

The alert has just been launched by Pr Jonah Ratsimbazafypresident of the Group for Study and Research on Primates and no less president of the International Society of Primatology (SIP)tells us L’Express de Madagascar.

The situation is simply shameful for us Malagasy. This animal is the first primate that will go extinct on this 21e century,” the specialist, first president of the International Society of Primatology, wants to make all Malagasy people aware of this immense responsibility.

The challenge is immediate. Climate change is devastating the South where more than a million Malagasy suffer from hunger and thirst. Cyclones, the health crisis and confinement, the global economic slowdown and rising prices are all parameters that weigh on the population and by extension nature.

the mouse lemur of Madame Berthe could become the symbol of the general inaction to safeguard the living. If he disappears, what will be the future of the forest of Île Rouge?

“If we continue like this, we will have no more forests in 30 years”launches the primatologist. “30 years is tomorrow and to prevent that from happening, you have to make firm decisions and the sooner the better”writing Midi-Madagascar.

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