Lose weight: it is absolutely necessary to banish this food to lose weight

A diet is not necessarily a bad idea for the start of the school year! It is obviously not a question of responding to the dictatorship of the body, but of feeling good. In these times of resumption of activity, it can be really interesting to review your eating habits. With the pace of work or studies, it is easy to indulge in food choices that are far from good for your health. The diet therefore lays the foundations for a different and more conscious approach to what you are going to eat. Weight loss should be seen as part of the balance to be achieved. Everyone feels good in their own way. If your objective is indeed to lose a few pounds, certain small gestures are of course to be avoided. It’s not about getting frustrated while dieting. However, we are sometimes accustomed to certain foods that are very harmful.

Stop white bread to lose weight

The diet is a roadmap that allows you to get rid of certain reflexes and acquire new ones. If you are a fan of sodas, sweets and snacks. According to CERIN, the consumption of sodas would increase the risk of abdominal obesity, this is where you will have to start! Some recommendations are also to be taken with caution. We often see rice cakes come back as a substitute for cookies or bread. This food has of course interesting qualities, however, the trap is elsewhere! Dieting is about getting rid of certain habits, not replacing them. Snacking on rice cakes is unlikely to help you! Their low caloric intake suggests that you can eat them without counting. The feeling of satiety is almost non-existent. Therefore, we are tempted to eat more when we must in fact eliminate snacking!

Eat healthy to lose weight

For a gluten-free diet, these rice cakes are interesting. Otherwise, it is better to stick to small portions of bread for your meals. White sandwich bread is also to be banned from your cupboard, it remains very caloric, rich in carbohydrates. In 2015, a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition shows that the group that ate less white bread in their diet lost weight. Its ease of use makes it an enemy of dietary changes! Of course, a diet must also take into account the schedules. Eating more in the morning and promoting a rhythm with intermittent fasting seems to be effective. Always consider your own habits. It is for this reason that the accompaniment by a professional is essential to undertake a diet. Physical activity is also on the back-to-school program! It’s good for the body, and for the mind! This will help you create a new, more balanced routine. Autumn is the perfect time to start new habits, don’t hesitate!

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