Loire. Two cases of avian flu: 104 municipalities under surveillance

The avian influenza virus is still gaining ground in the Loire. After the implementation of reinforced measures, on October 2, to protect agricultural breeding in 123 municipalities of the department, the prefecture of the Loire decided to set up, this Friday October 14, a temporary control zone on 104 municipalities of the Loire and 14 of the Rhone.

The death of two dead swans on the banks of the Loire, in Chambéon, was the trigger.

The municipalities under surveillance are located within a radius of 20 km around the discovery of the two dead animals.

Autumn, a risky period

After tests, the H5N1 avian influenza virus was detected in these two wild animals. The analyzes were confirmed this Wednesday, October 12.

This new decree, signed by the prefect Catherine Seguin, requires compliance with several measures, both for individuals who have chickens and / or birds at home, hunters and professional breeders.

Namely: all birds must be permanently kept inside buildings or under a net. Their water and food must also be protected. It is imperative to report any bird mortality to the Departmental Directorate for the Protection of Populations, the French Office for Biodiversity or the Hunting Federation.

No live poultry, no captive bird must leave commercial farms without the status of the breeding having been verified by self-checking in the 48 hours preceding the movement. More regular checks will be carried out in farms with more than 250 poultry.

The temporary control zone may be lifted after 21 days, without new detection of the virus in free wild birds.

The number of cases of avian influenza in livestock and in wildlife is increasing sharply in metropolitan France. Autumn is a risky period due to the drop in temperatures and the start of bird migrations.

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