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Unique A national state park in New England, Acadia offers tourists sumptuous landscapes, but above all its lobster culture. The crustacean is served in a sandwich or declined in flavor of ice cream.

On the Atlantic Ocean, Bar Harbor is one of the most beautiful American ports. It is located more exactly on the rocky coast of the state of Maine, near the Canadian border. A village backed by a huge protected area, Acadia National Park. Colorful main streets and houses dating from the 19th century. Bar Harbor is now a more popular destination, but no mass tourism here. Vacationers yes, but above all nature lovers. But Bar Harbor’s big business is the lobsters, the crustacean that sustains the whole region.

In a restaurant, lobsters are steamed. They are now scarlet red. The traditional dish in Maine and in this port is a lobster roll. But there is no question of leaving the place without having tasted the famous lobster ice cream, made here from father to son for decades. Bar Harbor is a beautiful gateway to Acadia Park, New England’s only national state park.

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