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The population of Lille Métropole is spread over a vast predominantly rural administrative district. As a result, it is extremely difficult to provide a reliable and easily accessible passenger transport network throughout the region. To address this issue, Lille Métropole recently announced an initiative to develop the network of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (IRVE). The objective is to reduce the environmental impact of owning thermal cars, encouraging the transition to an electric car fleet for daily travel.

Action plan

To exploit the full potential of electric vehicles on the main public roads of the agglomeration, it is necessary to have 430 charging points in 215 charging stations, each of which can accommodate two vehicles.

According to the recommendations of the ADEME (Environment and Energy Management Agency), this number translates into one space in public space for every 3,000 inhabitants of the region.

This will achieve this ambitious number within a reasonable time and budget. Thus, the Bolloré Group plans to deploy 167 stations in municipalities with more than 5,000 inhabitants each (which include nearly 90% of the population of Lille Métropole).

The remaining 47 charging stations have been made available by Lille Métropole. And they are expected to cover less populated areas with the greatest demand for private individual car ownership.

Eventually, this will cover the entire region. Objective: to have at least one public charging station in the city center of each of the localities of the Metropolis.

Charging stations in Lille car parks

Stations on the public domain (streets, municipal roads off motorways, and managed by local authorities such as Lille Métropole) meet a necessary but specific need: relatively fast charging (from 30 to 60 min for a full charge) allowing travelers to stop for a few minutes, to regain some autonomy.

The goal is to have the means to reach their destination with peace of mind, whether it is the workplace or the home. Two places where they can park for several hours, and which are, more and more often, equipped with a private charging station.

Electric vehicle recharging in Lille
(source: Lille Métropole)

Stations that are directly accessible, because they are located in parking spaces (roads or public parking) are subject to a specific pricing policy. Thus, drivers are billed on time occupied, even if the car is fully charged. This is to ensure a better rotation of the vehicles.

In fact, this measure is essentially aimed at ensuring greater efficiency and better accessibility. This also involves making abusive parking more dissuasive.

The large parking infrastructures, which are the direct property of Lille Métropole or its cities (Lille, Roubaix, Tourcoing), allow the development of charging stations in a clearer way.

The aim is to offer a better distribution of charging stations across the territory. And therefore greater availability outside the home and workplace.

Today, Lille Métropole’s objective is for all off-street car parks (which are maintained by various private operators under public service delegation) to be equipped and offer charging options for at least 12 electric vehicles at the same time for each individual location.


The rapid deployment of new charging stations was made possible thanks to close coordination with regional and national partners. The Hauts-de-France Region and ADEME each provided financial support equal to eighty percent of the total investment.

These stations are integrated into a regional offer, in order to guarantee that the prices (which are determined by the Hauts-de-France Region) and the services (payment card, mobile application) are the same in the 300 stations in the area, which includes other towns in the Hauts-de-France region (Arras, Douai, Boulogne, among others).

Interoperability and price parity with other Bolloré stations will be ensured by the implementation of certain protocols by the Métropole.

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