Lille flea market. At what price are portions of mussels and fries sold?

Where to find a portion of mussels and fries not too expensive but still delicious during the Braderie de Lille? We give you the answers! (©Hervine Mahaud / Lille News)

This is the question that everyone asks at lunchtime. How much are portions of fried mussels, star dish Lille flea market ? To help you make your choice when you sit down to eat, the editorial staff of Lille Actu has scrutinized the price and gives you the names of some restaurants.

  • Chicory15 Place Rihour: from €15.40 for plain mussels to €17.50 for those with Roquefot
  • At the “Village Rihour” managed by La Chicorée: €15.50 regardless of the recipe (marinière, cream, Maroilles cheese, curry, chorizo, etc.)
  • With Mussels of Lille11 Place Rihour: from €15.90 for the plain recipe to €20.90 for the Provençal mussel
  • The place24 place du General de Gaulle: €15.90 recipe of your choice
  • Hippopotamus2 rue Faidherbe: from €14.50 for marinière mussels to €16.50 for those in Maroilles
  • The bell13 place du Théâtre: €15 marinières, €16 mussels with cream or Maroilles cheese
  • Morel and Sons31 place du Théâtre: €15 marinières, €16 mussels with cream or Maroilles cheese
  • Electric Urban Food78b rue de l’Hôpital Militaire: €14 mussels marinières, €15 those with Maroilles cheese, €16 mussels baked in the charcoal oven
  • Bierbuik, 19 rue Royale: mussels marinières + Maroilles fries or mayo at 15€
  • Bloompot, 22 rue des Bouchers: €15 formula for mussels marinières + Maroilles fries or mayo + sugar tart
  • Fishton, 33 rue des Bouchers: €14 for marinières, €15 for Maroilles
  • Susan, 4 place Philippe Lebon: €14 for marinières, €16 for Maroilles and Thaï
  • Meert, 25-27 rue Esquermoise: €22
  • Naked, 93 avenue Le Corbusier: between €20 and €24
  • The Crazy110 Quai Géry Legrand: €19

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