like at Tesla, it will be possible to play video games in your car

BMW will offer games on board its thermal and electric cars, like what Tesla already offers. Of course, the various games offered will only be accessible when the car is stationary.

Even if the charging times of electric cars have considerably shortened in recent yearsespecially with the proliferation of fast terminals, there is always a more or less long waiting time to recharge your car, especially if you have to fill up with electrons.

To pass the time, Tesla has for example implanted its Superchargers in strategic areas, near hotels or restaurants for example, to avoid waiting in your car. And for those who prefer to wait comfortably in their vehicle, it is now largely possible to occupy themselves, by watching Netflix in particular, YouTube, Twitch, or by playing video games.

Login and smartphone required

And it is this last feature that interests us today. In effect, BMW has just announced a partnership with AirConsole, through a press release, to offer arcade, single-player and multi-player games in its cars in 2023.

You must surely be wondering how will it be possible to play without a controller? At Tesla, you can use the steering wheel. At BMW, we will use our smartphone. AirConsole technology allows games to be instantly streamed over the air directly to the screen and controlled using a phone.

The connection between the smartphone and the car is established by scanning a QR code directly displayed on the screen. There will be no need to install video games, because all the games will already be on the cloud: it will therefore suffice to have a connection (that of the car, with the integrated electronic SIM) and a smartphone.

More than 180 games available

More 180 games from the AirConsole library will be available, games all more different than each other. There will be, for example, puzzles, sudoku, very classic like Monopoly, or even several action and piloting games.

BMW is therefore taking a different turn from Tesla and will offer more games on board, but the American manufacturer should soon release a novelty of the same ilk.

Indeed, Tesla should soon integrate Steam, the famous video game platform, into its cars. This announcement was already made some time ago, and, according to Elon Musk, it is currently in the starting blocks.

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