Lidl announces the return of Italy to its shelves with its products!

To all fans of Italian cuisine, this article is for you! Know that Lidl announces the return of Italy… We love it!

Italy lands again on the shelves of Lidl. Discover lots of atypical products that will allow you to make your little Italian dishes! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

A bit of Italy in the kitchen

If French food is unanimous around the world, Italian dishes are also known to be the best. Few will tell you they hate her. Pizza, pasta, burrata salads etc…

These dishes can be reviewed millions of times by adding spices or flavorings exquisite, very tasty sauces… But also delicious cheeses, gruyère etc… Of course, let’s not forget the noble wines which make all the difference.

To be consumed in moderation of course! There are so many little things that all the popularity of Italian cuisine. The little added bonus: these wonders are very simple to make.

Unlike the best French dishes, it is not enough not having Michelins to make a good pizza. The many street food and bistros of the country will therefore be able to testify to this. To succeed, it is necessary to have flour.

But also tomatoes, olives, a bit of cheese, and above all: passion! These meals are also very healthy. For example, you can settle for a good salad, polenta, risotto, or lasagna with vegan, vegan, or even gluten-free products.

And good news, Lidl has thought about making you happy! And for good reason ! The retail store invites Italy to its shelves. We tell you more below.

A little more taste at Lidl

Oye oye! Lidl has decided to please you by announcing the return of Italy to its shelves with its atypical products. What wonderful news, because these ingredients promise to revive your taste buds!

Andiamo! There you can find olives in jars at 1.99€. There is also the burrata to sublimate your salads. It costs 2.19 each. We even find the Italian sauce to give a good taste to your pasta, at 1.29 €.

Note that all these products are of the “Italiamo” brand. A very famous Italian brand at Lidl. To promote products, the large retail store announced the news on its Instagram account:

Italy is coming to our shelves! On Wednesday 21/09, the Italiamo range is making a comeback in our supermarkets. » This was unanimous on Instagram: “ The bruschetta bread, I have never found anywhere else”, “the calzone!!!!!! I take 10 in advance each time lol they are too good”, “too good”.

Thanks to Lidl, you can surprise your guests! Isn’t that the point! Note that the firm also markets a super box to keep your food for a very long time. Pretty handy if you’re having trouble finishing your avocado!

This plastic accessory keeps it in good condition and keeps its popular flavor intact. He costs only 2.99 euros.

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