“L’Étable is not even a restaurant anymore, it’s home”

Games of belote

“My father is the pillar of the business. He’s a workaholic. He makes his side of the preserves, and I sublimate his products. We complement each other very well, we almost never argue…” Sandra Ferrero smiles: “This restaurant reflects the character, it’s a great story. “Arrived at 18 years old when “the way on the bank did not yet exist”, returned in 2007 after having had her children, the co-manager spent “a good part of her life” between these walls which, fortunately, cannot tell everything… “The last time, a client told me that her parents had met here, twenty-five years ago. »

“Here, it speaks loudly, it’s casual, without fuss”

At the Stable, there is also what is intangible, like Thursday evenings and the famous belote games between former SUA players, generation 1976, with Alain Buzzighin, Henri Cazaubon, the late Alain Plantefol . “Here, it was a Mecca for Agen rugby in the 90s”, Dominique Ferrero’s motto. The day before, the group of friends gave him a table of card players, a nod to their weekly haunt, which is waiting to find its place, not far from the plaque in memory of the emblematic captain of the SUA. Again, no need to specify where his teammates found themselves when it came to evoking the memory of the missing player last summer.

Good luck

“I knew some of them when I was a child. Now, I room them saying: ”Come on boys, we’re going home, the bus is going to pass””, says Sandra Ferrero who appreciates the cohabitation of all these athletes around a good plate, whether it’s former cadets, Charlots, young shoots as well as old ones, Layrac or even Bon-Encontre. “We can’t say that we are a very calm restaurant… Here, things speak loudly, it’s casual”, continues the manager, approved by her father behind the stove, whose whistling can be heard in the vapors of duck grattons: “I hate fuss. »

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