Les Villettes: mysterious disappearances of 7 cats in a few weeks

In the village of “Trevas” in Les Villettes, several residents are witnessing a sad series of disappearances of domestic cats. The latest is that of Carole since Thursday, September 29 in the early morning. Her concern has grown since she learned from a neighborhood survey that other Villettois in her neighborhood were in the same situation.

“We went around each of the houses to report the disappearance of our cat. Neighbors told us that three months ago, two of their cats disappeared on the same day. Then, 3 weeks ago , another cat that only went out at night has disappeared, also the one and a half year old cat of another neighbor 15 days ago. A cat was also deposited dead in front of the gate of a neighboring house”, says Carol.

7 disappearances within a radius of 100 m

All of these disappearances took place within a radius of one hundred meters. “Our cat wears a collar and a small bell, he is very affectionate.” Surveillance cameras confirm the disappearance of this cat between 5:15 a.m. and 5:45 a.m., the time “when our cat comes home to eat each morning. And even though our camera only targets our property, there is no car lights parked on the road, we did not find any dead animals on the side of the road”.

End the series

From then on, the Villettoise wondered about the possibility of an ill-intentioned person who would set traps to capture cats and eliminate them.

Carole hopes that the series will end and appeals: “We would like to know if our cat is dead or if we can keep hope of seeing him alive again. The disappearance of an animal affects even more than its death. Our daughters are both extremely touched and saddened. So if a person has a testimony to send us even if it is to confirm his death, he can put us a note in the mailbox.

The gendarmerie of Sainte-Sigolène has been notified as well as the town hall and the SPA.


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