Lauragais: many animals lived in a small apartment without water and in their excrement

The gendarmes of Aude have opened an investigation after the discovery of the body of an elderly woman in the freezer of her house in Salsigne
The gendarmes discovered several animals living in deplorable sanitary conditions, in an apartment in the town of Lanta. (© – illustration photo)

Several dogs and puppiesa rabbita guinea pig hungry but also Pisces, water turtles and others cats… On the occasion of a search conducted Wednesday, October 12, 2022 in the early morning in Lanta, the gendarmes discovered a real Noah’s Ark behind the walls of a small apartment from the community.

These animals lived in very bad sanitary conditions. “We are in the presence of a person with a lifestyle that we will describe as very bohemian and one made of abuse due to lack of care »indicates a source close to the investigation opened on the sidelines of this discovery.

A very thin horse

The owner of these animals, about 25 years old and from the town, had been in the sights of various animal protection associations. The volunteers of these have also been following her for a few years following already similar facts.

It was a report from the Brigitte Bardot Foundation that led to this search by the gendarmes. The association was particularly worried about a horse that was very thin and appeared to be in poor health. This one was able to be recovered and was the subject of a placement order because he lost a lot of weight. He had to be seen by a veterinarian, so that we know more about his state of health and see if there is a lack of care or if he has suffered abuse.

Toulouse Public Prosecutor’s Office

“They lived in deplorable conditions”

According to our information, the equine was found in a meadow located in a neighboring town. Several weeks ago, his owner first moved in with him and all of his animals in a wood located near lanta stadium. Before being forced to leave the premises.

She then took refuge with her animals with her grandmother who lives in an apartment located in the heart of the village. And had at the same time found a place where shelter his horseknowing that she was being watched closely.

Many animals were found in this apartment: dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, turtles… They lived in deplorable conditions, without water for some, in their excrement for others. They were all entrusted to the Departmental Directorate for the Protection of Populations.

Toulouse Public Prosecutor’s Office

She would suffer from Noah’s syndrome

If the owner of these animals has been heard, no legal action has yet been taken. ” There is a investigation still ongoing with some verifications to be carried out concerning the statements made by this person”we say on the side of the Toulouse prosecutor’s office.

The animals have since been entrusted to an association where they are taken care of and cared for. “We know this person well, whom we have been following for a long time. She’s a repeat offender, we’ve already got animals back from her. As long as she is not prevented by justice from keeping animals, she will continue”is alarmed this Thursday, October 13 in the evening a representative of the refuge where these animals are welcomed.

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According to the volunteer, the young woman implicated in this case is suffering from a noah syndrome. This mental disorder consists of collecting and accumulating several animals at home when you are not able to house and feed them, or treat them properly.

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