“L’Arche de Rantanplan”, the Lucky Luke who imagines the Wild West “at the time of Sandrine Rousseau”

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“L’Arche de Rantanplan” has been available in bookstores since Friday, October 21.

COMIC STRIP – The Wild West « at the time of Sandrine Rousseau “. It is with these words that the screenwriter of lucky Luke Jul described, in the columns of Pointthe new episode of the adventures of the famous cowboy which was released this Friday, October 21.

In LRantanplan Arch82nd album by Lucky Luke, the hero meets, in Texas, a new individual, a certain Ovide Byrde. Described as a gentle dreamer, he collects wounded and abandoned animals on his farm, under the mocking eye of his time, indifferent to the fate of the animals.

But then, the day Byrde discovers gold and suddenly becomes rich, he is manipulated by a gang of bad guys who make him a tyrant ready to do anything in the name of animal welfare. The situation is beyond him. This is where Lucky Luke comes in, determined to restore justice.

This new bandit, Jul did not create it from scratch. He was inspired by Henry Bergh, a pioneer of animal rights in the United States. ” I stumbled upon the story of Bergh, who founded the first American SPA in 1866, with the help, in particular, of a French billionaire who had made his fortune in the skin and fur trade and who, according to legend , would have repented on his deathbed and would have bequeathed all his money to the defense of animals”, tells the author in an interview for Point.

The reflection of a generational conflict

Lucky Luke is, in this book, himself confronted with animal suffering, his faithful steed Jolly Jumper having been shot. ” When [il] leans on his horse, I found the same feelings so I tried to translate it graphically “, informs the designer Achdé to franceinfo.

Animal protection, vegetarianism… LRantanplan Arch resonates with current events thanks to its gallery of characters, such as Ovide Byrde’s first supporter: Leek Agile. He is a child and he is opposed to the ancestral practices of his tribe, in particular the hunting of bison.

If you look today at the most active members of groups like L214 or Extinction Rebellion, they are kids “, adds Jul. A symbol, according to him, of the generational conflict “ between some children and their parents […] on the commitment and the radical nature of the actions to be taken in favor of animals “.

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