Labor shortage: Chez Jules brewery forced to close temporarily

The French brasserie Chez Jules, in Quebec City, is temporarily closing the doors of its establishment, which has been hit hard by the labor shortage, which is forcing many entrepreneurs to make difficult decisions.

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In a message posted on Facebook, the owner, Michelle Doré, indicated that she needed to take a step back, “in order to adapt well to the new market and its new imperatives as well as to find a workforce specialized in cooking and service” .

Less than 24 hours after the announcement of this temporary closure, Mme Doré said she was still too “shocked” to speak further to the media. However, she confided, in a brief exchange with The newspaper, that it hoped that the arrival of foreign workers would be quickly facilitated, which would enable it to reopen its doors in three weeks.

Take time

Alexandra Vachon, General Manager of the Couillard Group – and whose Mme Doré is the owner – indicated that this decision was necessary. The lack of employees forced the members of management to be on the floor. Administrative tasks have therefore been relegated to the background.

“Me, my work, I haven’t done it for a long time,” argues Mme Vachon, who adds that the urgency to fill the positions was not an ideal situation either. “It pushes people to hire too quickly,” she continues.

None of the employees still present at the closing were laid off. Everyone will help maintain the standards that the restaurant knows. “We’re going to take the time, which we haven’t done for some time,” said Mme Vachon.

The key, immigration

Unsurprisingly, Vachon stresses that immigration is the key to the restoration of the restaurant and that the current administrative procedures must be done more quickly.

“That’s what would save us in the kitchen,” she insists. There, these are very long delays and which hurt a lot. »

Martin Vézina, vice-president of public and governmental affairs at the Association Restauration Québec, is not surprised by this closure. ” [Les propriétaires] no longer want to continue at this train, to compensate for all the missing employees, ”he argues.

He too reiterates the request to facilitate the use of foreign labour.

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