Jean-François Piège has lost 30 kilos and reveals his slimming secret

Sunday September 25, 2022, Jean-François Piège celebrated his 51st candle. If the former emblematic member of the jury of Top chef has a lot to learn on the recipe side, he also has a slimming secret that allowed him to lose 30 kilos…

At the microphone ofEuropean 1, the chef had confided in the subject of his impressive physical transformation. He notably recounted the day when he had THE click. “I went to play with my son Antoine in his room. I had trouble getting up”, he begins.

Jean-François Piège (Top Chef) has lost weight and reveals his tips

He pursues : “There I said to myself: ‘I have a responsibility vis-à-vis him, if I want to play as I have to play‘” It was at this precise moment that Jean-François Piège decided to take control of himself. For this, he did not hesitate to call on professionals.

I got help from an acupuncturist who is a nutritionist and who put me on a diet. Acupuncture unlocks fat faster and unlocks fat you need to lose”, explained Jean-François Piège at the microphone of Daphné Bürki in 2017.

To accentuate the loss, Jean-François Piège was also forced to drastically modify his diet. In particular, he started by changing his favorite cooking method by focusing on two much healthier options!

Steaming and boiling, sugar totally forbidden… Jean-François Piège’s diet

It was steam and water”, advanced the ex-acolyte of Philippe Etchebest, Hélène Darroze and Michel Sarran. If, on your plate, fat no longer has a place, it is the same for this other enemy of the silhouette that is sugar.

The chef affirms that, for him, sugar has become “totally forbidden”! So he had to reinvent his way of cooking. “I discovered cooking territories that were becoming interesting“, he said at the time. To Top chefhe had even challenged the candidates by offering them the realization of a “fat free dish”.

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The least we can say is that Jean-François Piège’s efforts have borne fruit. Not only did the renowned cook lose 30 kilos, but in addition, he was able to keep the line in the years that followed. It is necessary to believe that this way of life corresponds to him perfectly!

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