its price explodes and ends the maximum bonus

A few days before a first price increase, the price of the Tesla Model 3 is again revised upwards and deprives the manufacturer of the maximum bonus.

After long months of stability, the fluctuations are linked to the Tesla Model 3. While a first increase was observed last week, Tesla has again increased the price of the basic version of its electric car. Now displayed at €46,990 in the manufacturer’s online configurator, the Model 3 jumps by €2,000 compared to last week.

If the manufacturer does not justify the reasons for this substantial increase, we can estimate that the context plays a big part in it. With the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the price of certain components has jumped. This is particularly the case for nickel, essential for the production of batteries, of which a large part of the reserves come from Russia.

End of the maximum bonus for the Model 3

With this price increase, the Tesla Model 3 loses its right to the maximum bonus of €6,000, reserved for electric vehicles whose price is less than €45,000. Result: with a government bonus now limited to €2,000, the bonus rate deducted from a basic Tesla Model 3 rises to €44,990. For an individual, the difference is €6,000 compared to last week (€4,000 for professionals).

Before (individuals) Before (professionals) After
Price excluding bonus €44,990 €44,990 €46,990
Bonuses €6,000 €4,000 €2,000
Bonus price deducted €38,990 €40,990 €44,990

To note : Equipped with the Dual Motor transmission, the “High Autonomy” and “Performance” versions remain for the time being displayed at the same price. (respectively €55,990 and €59,990 before application of the bonus).

An uncertain future

Should we expect further price increases in the coming months? If Tesla did not wish to react, we must unfortunately expect further fluctuations in the weeks and months to come given a global crisis that seems set to last.

Conversely, lowering prices is not impossible either. Tesla has already done this in the past, drastically reducing the prices of the Model 3 in January 2020. The geopolitical outlook, however, suggests that it will not be for now…

Tesla is obviously not the only brand impacted. If it hasn’t already been done, other manufacturers are expected to increase the price of their vehicles in the coming weeks.

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