its indoor camera offers a new function, but under certain conditions

Tesla and Zoom have just announced a collaboration to integrate a videoconferencing system inside Teslas.

If it is already possible to play video games in a Tesla or even watch an episode of your favorite series on Netflix, the technological range of the American manufacturer will soon expand.

Tesla will thus integrate a new function, certainly, slightly less “fun” than the two applications mentioned above, but can be very useful when working.

Meeting at the Supercharger

Indeed, Tesla and Zoom have just announced that they are teaming up to integrate videoconferencing inside Tesla models. Like other apps, this new feature will only be available on shutdownduring a charge at the Supercharger for example.

In the future, when autonomous driving will be democratized, it is not excluded that these applications can be used when the car is moving.

During its Zoomtopia event, the videoconferencing application therefore announced its integration into Teslas: “I can confirm that the Zoom for Tesla integration will soon be available on all new Tesla models”, confirmed the boss of the company. Zoom also released a video demonstration of the app inside a Tesla.

Zoom + Tesla from teslamotors

Technically, there is no prowess, since the Zoom application will be based on existing technologies already present in Tesla. Since the launch of the Model 3, all Teslas have a cabin-facing camera. It is this same camera that will be used for videoconferences on Zoom.

A multi-function camera

Remember that during the first three years of the Model 3 on the market, the cabin-facing camera was of little use.

Tesla started using it only very recently, and only as a driver monitoring element to ensure that beta users of the Autopilot system and autonomous driving always paid attention to what was happening on the road when using the driver assistance functions.

As a reminder, Tesla had announced for the first time its intention to integrate videoconferencing inside its vehicles in 2020, a little before the arrival of the pandemic and the democratization of videoconferencing applications which were a hit with the rise of telecommuting.

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