It is the largest fish ever discovered

Fishermen had spotted him last December.

But the researchers did not believe their estimates. However, after having weighed and measured it – using a device designed to weigh cargo – they now confirm that this humpback sunfish (Mola alexandrini) discovered dead, floating in the North Atlantic, near the Azores, is the heaviest bony fish — the category to which more than 90% of all fish belong — ever observed.

The sunfish weighed no less than 2,745 kilos. It is still some 400 kilos more than the bony fish which previously held the record. It was discovered off the coast of Japan in 1996.

In terms of size, the humpback sunfish measured more than 3 meters by 3.5 for a maximum thickness of nearly 90 centimeters.

Scientists have not yet been able to determine whether it was a male or a female. But estimate that the fish must have been at least 20 years old. And they suspect that a collision with a boat could have been the cause of his death. He is now buried in the natural park of the island of Faial.

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