Is Agde the most gourmet city in France?

The Smappen site has published its list of cities with the highest density of restaurants.

You can always count on the know-how of the press attachés to attract the attention of journalists. A press release which is not uninteresting moreover, since we learn that the city of Agde would be neither more nor less the most gourmet city in France, with 626 restaurants listed. A density of establishments which is therefore the highest in the country, with one restaurant for 46 inhabitants. Bigger! A town that has no starred restaurant at the top of the ranking? Above all, you had to read between the lines.

Cap d’Agde distorts all the statistics

Each month Smappen, a geomarketing specialist, was able to analyze and reprocess the data from the Insee and Sirene databases to achieve a ranking among the cities with more than 20,000 inhabitants, “with the highest density of restaurants.” As is often the case with statistics (security, real estate, etc.), the figures are obviously skewed, since the commercial fabric of Agde is related to summer tourist attendance, which is around 250,000 people. So, Agde, the most gourmet city, we don’t know, but a first place is always good to take.

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