Is a shortage of vegetables to be expected in France?



Food: is a shortage of vegetables to be expected in France?
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V. Frédéric, A. Sarlat, L. Sabas – France 3

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The drought of last summer could have consequences on the diet of the French. Thus, a shortage of vegetables is feared by the players in the sector.

In the context of the inflation that we are experiencing, we must expect price increases for canned and frozen foods, especially vegetables, because the drought has impacted crops. Indeed, yields have fallen. There is even a risk of shortage. In Merlevenez (Morbihan), Stéphane Le Goff is a vegetable producer. In one of his fields, there are beans, the last of the season. They are the only ones to have escaped the drought. In Brittany, there was a lack of water everywhere this summer. Entire cultures had to be sacrificed.

The producer therefore made a radical decision. He won’t plant any carrots next summer. Instead, he will favor a crop of wheat, which is much more profitable. This choice to switch to the cultivation of cereals and fewer vegetables is made by more and more producers. This decision could have consequences for jobs in the sector. Some canned references could thus disappear as early as next spring.

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