Iranian woman arrested for eating at restaurant without hijab

A woman who had lunch without a headscarf in a restaurant in Tehran, whose photo has gone viral on social media, has been arrested, her sister said on Friday, amid a crackdown in Iran against the protest movement born after the death of Mahsa Amini.

The photo showed Donya Rad sitting in a restaurant in Tehran, apparently having breakfast, with a friend, also without a headscarf.

The image has been widely shared on social media, with many accounts praising the two women for their civil disobedience to the strict dress code the Islamic Republic imposes on women.

Mahsa Amini died earlier this month after she was arrested by vice squad who accused her of not wearing her hijab properly.

Yesterday, after this photo was published, the security agencies contacted my sister Donya Rad and asked her to give an explanation“, wrote his sister Dina on Twitter.

Today, after going where she was told, she was arrested. After a few hours of silence, Donya told me on a quick call that she had been moved to Ward 209 in Evin Prison.she added, referring to a wing of the Tehran prison that is deemed to be run by the intelligence ministry.

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Civil disobedience

In recent days, Persian-language media outside Iran have shown increasing images of civil disobedience, with women in Iran sharing images of themselves walking, running errands or in cafes without hijabs.

They went to breakfast without headscarves. They were arrested. This is how brutal/twisted the hijab policy is in Irancommented prominent US-based activist and journalist Omid Memarian on Twitter.

On social media, some compared Ms Rad’s actions to those of Rosa Parks, the American black civil rights activist, by putting together images of Parks on a bus and Rad in a cafe. Activists say Iran is in the grip of one of its fiercest crackdowns in years to quell protests that have erupted over the death of Mahsa Amini.

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