investigation after the dissemination of a document mocking academic inspectors

The existence of this document was revealed on Tuesday by France Bleu Normandie. The radio publishes on its site excerpts and images of the document which, according to it, was circulating within the academy: twelve inspectors from Calvados are criticized in harsh terms.

Pictures of dogs

In an excerpt from the document, an inspector is described as “deceitful, a liar as bad as the itch. We have already tried to get rid of it but no one wants it (even in Orne!) […] We had him castrated for fear that he would reproduce”. The text is accompanied by a photo of a pit bull wearing a muzzle.

Another with a photo of a Yorkie: “Still on his 31st but a bit surly breed! It bites your calf (unable to go higher) but beware of it”.

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Eddy de Pretto harassed online: 17 defendants tried since Monday in Paris

Eddy de Pretto harassed online: 17 defendants tried since Monday in Paris

After a concert in a church where he had performed his song “À quoi bon” evoking the difficulties of reconciling his homosexuality and religion, Eddy de Pretto had received many hate messages on social networks. Seventeen people are tried until Friday in Paris

The public prosecutor of Caen, Amélie Cladière, has confirmed that an investigation has been opened. As for the author, “we went back to investigate to arrive at his identification. We will see for the continuations if we manage to identify it ”. The magistrate clarified that a first police complaint had not made it possible to identify the author. But the investigation was “resumed” after the appearance of “new elements” and the filing of “several complaints”.

The FSU union expressed its “dismay” and “affliction”. “We express our full support for the personnel concerned. We ask that everything be done to find the author or authors.

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