Inflation also affects pets

Pet food prices have gone up.  (Illustrative photo) - Credit:Jean Francois FREY / MAXPPP / PHOTOPQR/L'ALSACE

Pet food prices have gone up. (Illustrative photo) – Credit:Jean Francois FREY / MAXPPP / PHOTOPQR/L’ALSACE

More and more pet owners can no longer afford to feed them. In Australia, the number of dropouts has soared, reports the BBC.

For many, having a pet is an integral part of family life and provides comfort during difficult times. Faced with galloping inflation in Australia, pet owners find themselves forced to put their dog or cat up for adoption because they can no longer afford to keep them, reports the BBC.

The cost of living has soared around the world, the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine have driven up the prices of food, fuel and other essentials. It’s not just everyday foods that are costing more: prices for pet food and other pet products have also risen.

Declining number of adoptions

Abandoning a pet is a criminal offense in Australia. But the financial pressure “leaves people in dire straits”, said Rebecca Linigen, from animal rights group Four Paws Australia. “Not only are animal abandonment rates on the rise, but some shelters across Australia are also reporting that adoption rates have been falling since 2021,” she told the BBC.

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