Inflation: 32 recipes for less than €2 (almost) without gas or electricity

With the energy crisis, many of us are looking for solutions to reduce our consumption. Do not set the heating above 20°C, replace traditional bulbs with LED bulbs… What if we could save money in our kitchen too? In addition to betting on inexpensive recipes, to lighten your food budget, you also choose dishes and desserts that require almost no electricity.

How to make recipes almost without electricity or gas?

Recipes to avoid

We forget the long cooking and low temperatures, which are particularly energy-intensive. According to the SDES annual report, the gas and electricity used for cooking represent on average 6% of our overall consumption*. A much smaller share than that of heating (64%) and hot water (12%), but on which we can still act. Recipes for stews, roast meats and stews will therefore wait for the energy rate to drop.

Preferred ingredients and recipes

On the preparation side, we opt for dishes and desserts without cooking. Thus, there is no need to turn on the hotplates or the oven. However, allow yourself the use of the microwave or blender for a few minutes, if necessary. You have to get to the end of the preparation. As for recipe possibilities, while savory and sweet salads seem the most obvious option, they’re not the only one. Spring rolls, toast, wraps, cauliflower tabbouleh… Some tips will help you avoid cooking, like in this raw brownie recipe, made only with cocoa, dates and almonds.

Otherwise use already cooked products, such as canned legumes or fish. Not only are they part of healthy and inexpensive foods, but they are also practical. Ready to use, all you have to do is drain them, then prepare them according to your desires.

Alternatively, if you have leftover hard-boiled eggs or roast chicken breasts from the day before, make a new dish. Failing to completely do without the oven or a frying pan during the week, we try to cook as much food as possible at the same time. This avoids turning on the appliances every day, while enjoying the heat of previous cooking.

Without further ado: discover our recipes at a lower cost (almost) without electricity.

*SDES, December 2021.

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