in which cities in France do they sell best?

Find out in which cities in France Tesla models are selling the best in 2021, a year of all records for the American electric brand.

2021 is to be marked with a white stone for You’re here. The 100% electric brand is more than ever leader in the global market for zero emission car. Nearly one million models were delivered in 2021, more than double from the previous year.

In France also, the company was able to convince motorists to go electric. In total, do twenty thousand vehicles were sold in France (here is the complete ranking of electric sales). But in what cities/regions do Palo Alto models sell the best?

Paris, capital of the Tesla

According to data collected by AAA Datait is to Paris that the Californian brand has sold the most vehicles in France. In total, 1,214 carsincluding a large majority of Model 3s (1,098), sold in the capital.

The second city is also located in the Paris region. As strange as it may seem, Tesla sales are doing very well at Chambourcyin Yvelines (78) with 435 models. The reason, however, is quite simple: french headquarters of the manufacturer is located in the town…

In France, Tesla rhymes with PACA

Although the network of superchargers of the brand is now installed everywhere in France, it is in the South of the country Teslas are the most successful. Behind Chambourcy and Paris, it’s Marseilles that the most Model S, X, Y and 3 have passed.

395 electric vehicles sold out in one year in the port city, followed respectively by Aix-en-Provence, Lyon, Nice, Toulouse, Montpellier and Annecy. Strasbourg completes the top 10, with 117 new registrations in 2021.

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