In video: he blows up his Tesla Model S instead of fixing it

Like last year, the holidays are not very happy with this new wave of COVID-19, so why not find a new way to have fun?

Maybe that’s what a Tesla Model S owner in Finland thought. Earlier this month, Tuomas Katainen came up with the idea of ​​blowing up his car instead of fixing it.

Wait, what?

The 2013 car he was driving had just spent a month in the workshop due to various error codes returning from the system. Eventually it was discovered that a new high voltage battery needed to be installed.

However, the cost of the operation would have been 20,000 euros ($29,000), according to Katainen, who could not afford it. By the way, there are used 2013 Model S for sale in Finland for around 35,000 euros.

With the help of several accomplices, the man brought the car to an old quarry and tied 30 kilos of explosive material all around the body. A kind of mannequin wearing a snowmobile helmet – below which we could see a reproduction of the face of Elon Musk, the boss of Tesla – was placed behind the steering wheel.

We leave you with the video that relates the experience. In the end, Katainen says he’s never had so much fun with his Tesla as watching it explode. Well, good for him…

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