In video: 1210 km with a Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S is by far one of the electric cars on the market with the longest range, which can reach 652 kilometers on a full charge according to Natural Resources Canada.

A Michigan-based company, Our Next Energy (ONE), however, has managed to travel a much greater distance with a prototype of its new Gemini battery.

In a test conducted last December, a Model S whose original battery was replaced by one from ONE completed a trip of 1,210 kilometers under completely normal driving conditions, a round trip between Detroit and Mackinac Bridge.

That’s not all: using the same average speed of 88.5 km/h, the car was tested in the laboratory where it managed to cover 1,419 kilometres. The reduced rolling resistance, the absence of unevenness and the fact that the car never stopped explain the difference.

Admittedly, ONE’s Gemini battery has twice the capacity of Tesla’s (203.7 kWh compared to 100 kWh), but it is also managed by a system with artificial intelligence that maximizes autonomy. Mujeeb Ijaz, the founder of ONE, ensures that the format of the battery is equivalent, which does not pose any problem of integration.

Photo: Our Next Energy

The company will continue development in 2022 and 2023, after which it promises to launch batteries on the market that will allow electric SUVs and pickup trucks to travel more than 1,100 kilometers on a single charge.

A recent survey by Deloitte revealed that American drivers on average expect an electric vehicle to be able to reach 834 kilometers, which is significantly more than in other countries.

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