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In addition to her partner Erwan Simon-Lorière in charge of administration and her in the kitchen, Aude Hauduin is looking – ideally – for two people for the service, a cook plus a pizza maker. This last stage of the project is becoming a little urgent: the 95 m2 of the restaurant located at the end of rue Aristide-Briand, facing the Ceili in Quimper has been almost completely renovated. The opening of the new Pozzi trattoria-pizzeria is scheduled for mid-November, within the walls of the former restaurant “Chez Erwan”, on which the curtain fell more than six years ago. Thirty-four place settings plus a maximum of fifteen on the terrace; a service at lunchtime and another in the evening: the team will have to be reliable, professional and quickly established.

Reshuffled Cards

Owner of another establishment in Brest, (also under the Pozzi brand), Aude Hauduin, 40, a management controller by training, has been at the head of restaurants for ten years. She therefore knows how much “human resources” weigh in a multifactorial equation marked, for several months, by a context of labor shortage, however motivated and thoughtful a project may be: “The ratio of labor supply, demand for has been reversed very clearly since the health crisis. Many catering employees have retrained, ”she analyzes. “Because we really had to work at that time… But also because these employees have taken up the measure of the constraints of our professions on private life”.

A little more comfort in the organization of working hours

So, before starting her recruitment and scaling up her small business, she tries to adapt. The room for maneuver is tight, especially on the payroll side: it is difficult to hold the economic model beyond a minimum wage payment.

So, for permanent employees, the chef and her partner imagined three-day work weeks with breaks (9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.) plus two continuous days (9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 1-5 p.m.). “Our idea is to free up two evenings a week,” she says, also ensuring two consecutive days off. On the other hand, in the current scheme everyone will be on deck on weekends.

Cinema and gym membership

To supplement their workforce, especially for weekend service, the associates plan to use contract students. Need a little professionalism but a lot of reliability. Here again, economically difficult according to Aude Hauduin, to attract through salary. And not necessarily relevant. So, to boost her job offer, the leader offers a subscription to the cinema and to a gym. In the chapter on compensation in kind, Aude Hauduin also says that she is committed to offering a monthly shopping basket. The recruitment phase has just started.

in complement

Chez Pozzi, Aude and Erwan want to serve “simple and authentic” Italian cuisine

Erwan Simon-Lorière and Aude Hauduin will open the Pozzi trattoria-pizzeria, 3, rue Aristide-Briand in Quimper.

Italian-style beef tartare, lamb shank, fresh pasta dish with truffles and gorgonzola or even a Neapolitan pizza… “I attach great importance to the quality of the products”, assures Aude Hauduin, co-founder of the future trattoria Pozzi, whose opening is scheduled for mid-November rue Aristide-Briand, in Quimper. “I buy from wholesalers specializing in Italian products. Directly in Italy for certain products”.

“I like comfort food! »

“We will do everything ourselves: the pasta, the sauces. I am used to working pizza dough in double maturation; it is more digestible. I make Neapolitan-type pizzas, that is to say, thin ones with puffy edges”, explains the forty-year-old who claims Italian cuisine made up of “simple and authentic dishes”: “I like comfort food! Pozzi will offer a menu of the day formula for lunch, also including pizzas or pizzetta (small pizzas) accompanied by salad.

A menu of Italian specialties will be offered à la carte in the evening, as well as copious aperitif platters.

The establishment will also offer fresh pasta dishes to take away, with their sauce of your choice.

In preview

Example of a menu that Pozzi will offer: Carpaccio of octopus with marinated artichokes, pine nuts and gremolata, followed by homemade pasta boccolini (a kind of hollow spaghetti) cream of porcini mushrooms with gorgonzola with speck chips and roasted hazelnuts; then for dessert, cannoli siciliani (tube of wafer filled with ricotta with orange and pistachio). Served with a Barolo (Piedmontese red wine).


Pozzi should be open for lunch and dinner, five days a week. The weekly closing days will be specified later. They are currently being considered for Sunday or Monday or both. 3, rue Aristide-Briand, Quimper.

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