In Plounevez-Lochrist, he threw some of the butchery waste intended for his 32 dogs into the wild – Plounevez-Lochrist

The facts go back a little over a year. On September 13, 2021, the Saint-Pol-de-Léon gendarmerie brigade opened an investigation following the discovery of animal carcasses in Plounevez-Lochrist. The investigations carried out by the military made it possible to identify the author of this illegal deposit, explains the gendarmerie of Finistère on its Facebook account. Which specifies that this person did not have the necessary authorizations to hold or use such waste.

The investigation revealed that this man, who owns 32 dogs, collected butcher’s waste to feed his pack, then threw the unused pieces in the wild. He will be the subject of a criminal composition

, on December 15, at the Brest court. He is accused of two offences: irregular use of animal by-products and derived products (exhibition, artistic activity, diagnosis, education, research, animal feed) and irregular waste management.

* Procedure used in cases of low seriousness offences. The public prosecutor proposes a sanction to the perpetrator, who acknowledges them. If agreed, there is no trial.

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