In Paris, a Burger King invaded by L214 militants disguised as chickens

ANIMAL WELFARE – Tight as battery chickens. Dozens of activists from the L214 animal defense association gathered, standing and wearing a chicken mask, in the Burger King des Halles, in Paris this Saturday, November 5. The reason for this happening? Denounce “the appalling breeding conditions” of industrial hens and chickens, as explained by the co-founder of the association, Brigitte Gothière, on Twitter.

On the restaurant’s enclosed terrace, activists have stood glued to reproduce and show the lack of space imposed on these animals raised never to see the light of day for the food industry.

“The chickens used by Burger King live permanently in a kind of crowded subway. L214 reproduces today this strong promiscuity in a restaurant of the sign “denounced Brigitte Gothière.

“Reality is chickens wading through their m…”

On their social networks, activists denounce the ” BLA bla “ of Burger King and the label “Nature of Breeders”from which comes the meat sold by the famous fast food restaurant. “Today, 100% of our nuggets come from the Nature d’Éleveurs committed sector: chickens born, raised, prepared in France, fed with 100% French whole grains”boasts Burger King on its website.

“The reality is chickens piled up at 20/m2, sick from their ultra-rapid growth, which wade through their m…”, opposes Brigitte Gothière on her Twitter account. Activists, who primarily want to challenge the fast food chain, have launched a petition to force Burger King “to take action against cruelty to chickens”.

In particular, they invite the chain to agree to the much more restrictive criteria of the European Chicken Commitment, an agreement which has been signed by the KFC and Subway chains in particular.

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