In its new issue, the show “La Touche Animale” takes an interest in the world of Pet Influence with distinguished canine guests

You have an appointment this evening at 7 p.m. with Yoann Latouche and his guests for the 6e episode of La Touche Animale, the show for pet lovers. An issue devoted to increasingly prominent and followed actors in the animal world: influencers.

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Last week, the health of the animal and many other important aspects of its life animated the exchanges between Yoann Latouche and her guest, the veterinarian Helen Gateauduring the 5e number of ” The Animal Touch “. This evening, the animal expert gives the floor to other protagonists of the world of pets on the occasion of the new issue of this show, broadcast live at 7 p.m. on the application Raw.then in replay on Woopets.

The theme of this Tuesday, September 27 meeting will be: “ How do you become a Pet Influencer? »

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The guests of the day are 2 animal celebrities and their humans who are very popular on social networks, in particular on instagram, where publications describing their daily lives and their participation in various events are eagerly awaited by their many followers. They are @malcolm_the_akita and @pumba.thelion.

Account star @malcolm_the_akita (92.3K subscribers), Malcolm the American Akita is a successful “model dog”, originating from Bordeaux where he is nicknamed the bear. Muse of Croquettelandhe is the winner of the WIBABest Animal Account “. His teacher May is passionate about photography, to which she devotes herself thanks to Malcolm.

pumba is, meanwhile, a Golden Retriever with all the qualities and antics that representatives of the breed are capable of showing. We can realize this by discovering the adorable photos and videos regularly feeding his account instagram, followed by 129,000 subscribers. He is also present on Youtube and TikTokwith 3,000 and 600,000 fans respectively.

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The activity of pet influencer under the magnifying glass

Their owners will talk at length to Yoann Latouche and to Internet users / viewers of their experience as pet influencers. They will discuss the various facets of their activity by answering the following questions:

  • How do you start in Pet Influence?
  • Is the animal well treated?
  • What compensation?

To follow this 6th issue of La Touche Animale, log on to the application Raw. this Tuesday, September 27 at 7 p.m. This episode will also be available for replay on Woopets.


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