In Isère, three huntresses, a mother and her 16-year-old twins, make their first opening

For Céline, the mother, Léa and Angèle, her 16-year-old twins, Sunday September 11 was a very special day. Indeed, the three women of the Million family made their first opening of the hunt, after having brilliantly succeeded in the examination of the license to hunt, in the department of Isère. Accompanied by the father and the grandmother, the three novice huntresses surveyed the fields and small woods in search of small local game.

Yes, the two twins have always followed their father in previous seasons, this time they have a gun in their hands and the emotion is there when they see their dogs hunting. But above all, the two young women are committed to giving a more rewarding image of hunting than the clichés conveyed by its detractors. ” We want to show that we can respect others and nature while hunting. We like this practice because it’s a lot of convivial moments, walks with the dogs, and not necessarily the action of shooting. We won’t be disgusted when we come home if we haven’t killed anything“.

To do this, they have created an Instagram account with which they intend to share their passion and attract new followers to the hunting world. However, the two twins confess to having already suffered criticism towards their hobby, in particular their family doctor who tried to dissuade them during the medical examination for the license to hunt: “ He told us that it was wrong to shoot the deer that roam the meadows. He also blamed me for not loving animals as much as when I was little. explains Angela. ” It was hard to hear because he had prejudices when he doesn’t know much about hunting she adds.

In any case, the two sisters and their mother spent a very nice day, in contact with nature and their dogs, for this first opening and if the game was not there since they returned ” empty-handed”, the sharing and conviviality of this first family hunting trip delighted them and let them foresee other days which will undoubtedly be better on a strictly hunting level.

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