in Grenoble, meat is now optional

Students should specifically ask each day if they want fish or meat in addition to their meal. This decision was taken by the mayor (EELV) Éric Piolle.

It is again the instigator of this decision who says it best: “The logic is reversed: you have to ask to eat meat and/or fish”. As the mayor (EELV) of Grenoble Éric Piolle explains, the canteens of public schools in his city will no longer offer, by default, only vegetarian dishes to students. Those of them who nevertheless wish to eat meat or fish must explicitly request it.

This provision had been voted in the municipal council last June, for ecological reasons, the City recalling that the consumption of meat and the breeding represent one of the first causes of global warming. A thesis, however, widely controversial in the scientific debate.


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