In Corsica, all students will be entitled to free meals

This is a first in France. All students will be able to benefit from two free meals a day in Corsican university restaurants.

At the University of Corsica in Corte, all students, scholarship holders or not, will be able to benefit from this return to two free meals a day in university restaurants, the Crous told AFP, which ensures that it is “a first in France”. “For this start of the school year, the great novelty which is a first in France since out of the 26 Crous, we are the only one to have this possibility thanks to a partnership with the Collectivity of Corsica, it is full free admission for scholarship holders and non-scholarship holders alike. -scholarships» in the university restaurants of Corte, Jean-Felix Pasqualini, director of student life at the Regional Center for University and School Works (Crous) in Corsica, told AFP.

80,000 meals will be served for free this year

Upon presentation of proof of their status, “students can have lunch and dinner for free in the catering facilities. It is the student social meal, that is to say starter-main course-dessert, all that is snacking and other, there is no free”he specified. “The main objective is to fight against student precariousness. It is inconceivable that we have young people who only eat one meal a day, as we too often hear in the media.he argued, wanting “do the maximum to ensure them at least this well-being: to have acceptable living conditions and to be able to study in all serenity, with a full belly”.

The Crous thus plans to serve “80,000 free annual meals for students between September 5, 2022 and July 31, 2023. We expect 600-700 meals at lunchtime and around 150 in the evening”, he detailed. To finance this measure, the CDC granted funding of “more than 200,000 euros”.

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The institution had already taken a similar measure during the Covid crisis: “during the 2021-2022 academic year, meals were completely free for scholarship students in university catering structures”recalled Jean-Felix Pasqualini. “The meal for scholarship holders was set by a government measure at one euro to take into account the Covid crisis and the student precariousness that had resulted from it, and the CDC had given us a boost by financing the rest payable by the scholarship holder, the famous 1 euro which led to total free access for scholarship holders”he detailed. “For non-scholarship holders, the price of the meal being set at 3.3 euros, the CDC topped up one euro, which reduced the meal to 2.3 euros”.

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