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After having managed several establishments, Jonathan Valsaint wishes to give another impetus to his career. ©Le Petit Courrier – Olivier Jaunay

It is probably the most prestigious establishment in Château-du-Loir, delegated municipality of Montval sur Loir (south of Sarthe), as much by its location, its architecture, as by the good cuisine that can be tasted there for several decades. The Grand Hotel represents one of the symbols of the municipality.

We remember the episode of the Tinjic couple, who coveted the business in 2013 when the establishment was for sale, before being caught by the courts.

Complicated years

It’s finally Jonathan Valsaint, well-known local restaurateur, who had set his sights on this great opportunity.

But each cycle has an end and the quarantine now wants to move on, which is why the two businesses, that of the restaurant and the hotel, grouped within the same entity, are to be resumed. On the other hand, he is not the owner of the walls.

In August all services were full

We met him in this back to school 2022 to tell us more about the context. “It has been seven years since the establishment was taken over. There have been a few complicated years, to renovate the establishment in several phases, starting with the restaurant, the second floor, then the third, the change of furniture, the health crisis… I have been in the business for 20 years , I was self-employed at 24, I am now 42″, explains this native of Tourangeau.


After holding the restaurants of Ire, the Imprévuand the Grand Hotel, he considers to have “done a lot of things in the field of catering, I want to see something else”.

He had the opportunity three years ago to be a trainer at the Saumur Chamber of Commerce, just before the sale of the Imprévu. I discovered something else, it lasted six months which could have been prolonged but it was not possible. I have trained apprentices in my restaurants, the transmission of knowledge has always interested me”.

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His future will perhaps be written in this field of training, he does not rule out staying entrepreneur, and why not in the food sector, but more in catering.

13 bedrooms

The hotel has 13 rooms, a rather seasonal activity, 80 to 90% of the rooms filled in season, rather 50% in winter. In August, on the dining room side, all services were complete.

It’s a pleasure to see people progress

The restaurant has 50 seats inside, as many on the terrace, and “an activity that is well distributed after the disrupted period of Covid-19the asking price is also attractive compared to the turnover of a classic year.

At what price ?

Selling price he does not wish to give,

“but there is no mystery around the question, for potential buyers who will seriously consider the question, information is easily found with Sarthe Tourisme, and the Chamber of Trades”.

The restaurateur does not necessarily expect a quick transaction, given an entrepreneurial spirit that he considers for various reasons less present among the new generation but would like “a couple in the business to take over the activity. The environment changes, we are closed on Sundays and Mondays, which allows us to have two days of rest and to be able to combine this activity with family life. The hours have been reduced, we close at 3 p.m. now before reopening at 7 p.m.

Personal development

Jonathan Valsaint employs four employees and four apprentices. » I have always taken care of the personal development of each of my employees, it is a pleasure to see people progress, it is important to have objectives and by working we can achieve them. But the investment must be rewarded. I made two salary increases during the year. ”

Interesting dynamic

He also believes that “the city ​​is quite attractiveI find that the overall dynamic of the sector is rather good, better than a few years ago in any case”.

So business to give in, but also to follow.

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