I tested Rosy, the new address of Amandine Chaignot

Chef Amandine Chaignot at Rosy.

Entering the Carita beauty institute, located in a row of luxury stores on rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré, in Paris, is like entering the nave of a church, with its long porch topped with black arches and its vertiginous atrium over 13 meters in height. In this padded paradise, scented with orange blossom, frozen in an eternal summer (the lamps recreate sunlight), four floors are served by a marble staircase leading to treatment cabins and a hairdressing salon where the hair lotion bottles are backlit like the bottles of a cocktail bar.

“The beauty that touches me is that of fulfilled people: we are beautiful when we eat well. » Amandine Chaignot

Carita, inaugurated in 1952 by the Duchess of Windsor, is an institution. Blackheads and flyaways of the greatest celebrities, from Grace Kelly to Claude François, have passed away within its walls. Catherine Deneuve and Clara Luciani are always dolled up there. At the end of a facelift of the establishment which lasted two years, a small revolution came to shake up the institute: a restaurant, Rosy, is now nestled on the second floor. The name is a tribute to one of the hairstylist sisters, Maria and Rosy Carita, who created the salon, acquired by L’Oréal in 2014.

Clean, rounded lines give Rosy a pop clinic look, Instagrammable at will. And it’s the chef Amandine Chaignot who plays the pleasant housekeeper of this ultra-chic cantoche with thirty-two seats, a little deserted in the first days of its opening. The 43-year-old Parisian, who has worked in palaces (Crillon, Raphael, etc.), is a businesswoman similar to the Carita sisters, who established herself by creating her own establishments in the capital: Pouliche and the Café de Luce. Author of Natural cooking. Diary of a campaign leader (Solar Editions, 2021), she claims plates where vegetables take their ease.

Plant-based cuisine

A table in a beauty salon? Curiosity piqued us. First, because for the first time, a restaurant is officially entering the “beauty trail” of a big house. If the addresses healthy and plants abound, especially in Paris, where luxury spas all have their own tea room, no one had previously offered the services of a chef who has accumulated stars. How was the card going to fit in with Carita? Came in shaggy, dull complexion, were we going to come out irresistible after a few forks? Let’s put an end to this unbearable suspense right away: no.

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