“I swear. My dog ​​Manou made me reach 0rgasm…»

The Ivorian rapper Didi B member of the Ivorian group Kiff no beat officially married his fiancée Saraï D’hologne this Saturday October 8, 2022.

After more than nine years together, rapper Didi B and his fiancée Sarai sealed their union this Saturday at the town hall.

Didi B had asked for his girlfriend in engagement on August 27 during her concert at the Palais de la culture in Treichville.

Recall that during an interview with Konnie Touré the rapper revealed the circumstances in which he met his wife Saraï, to whom he never misses the opportunity to pay tribute.

“We met on social media. I entered her inbox to write to her but she didn’t calculate me at first. After she answered me, we set up a date to meet and we became friends. She advised me a lot on the clashes I was doing in the game. And then it was I who insisted that we be together”.

In February 2022, it was Saraï who made a nice statement to her man and went back to their first contacts.

Diyilem wrote to me for the first time at the end of 2011. And I replied at the beginning of 2012. (He was lying that he wanted to be my best friend). I had just graduated from high school and I remember in college a friend kept talking to me about him, saying he was trying to contact me and talking about me all the time on Twitter. .

I had no knowledge of the band or who they were. I just knew the day we met, that this little one would somehow be part of my life for a long time and that I would surely laugh for years to come. Despite the ups and downs of youth, he was always present when needed, and we were able to find each other.

From the time when we borrowed the gbaka from Bingerville to the Riviera, where he came to pick me up to accompany me afterwards, even when we shared our headphones, appointments in the neighborhood (you know the walks where you are Tchass and you curl up in front of the people’s house?) I have never met someone so caring both emotionally and physically.”

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