“I hope he takes responsibility for his actions”

In Pennsylvania, a restaurant will sue a customer for never having paid a tip of 3,000 dollars (about 3,000 euros). After his visit to Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe, Eric Smith had left a generous tip to the waitress Mariana Lambert by paying his bill by credit card. “His gesture really touched my heart,” she said in an interview with local media.

Eventually, Eric disputed the charge with his credit card company. The problem is that the restaurant had already given the $3,000 tip to the waitress. The restaurant then contacted the generous donor hoping that it was a simple misunderstanding… but the calls went unanswered. “We’re just short of money at this point and he’s told us to sue him, so that’s what we’re going to end up doing.”

Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe thinks Mariana deserves the tip: “I hope he takes ownership, shows up and pays.”


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