Huskies on sleds but also on hikes near Auch

the essential
Among their many services, Cyril and Julie from Souffle Nordique in Auch offer hikes with huskies.

Cani-rando or cani-walk offered by the Souffle Nordique near Auch is an outdoor leisure activity. It consists of walking towed by a dog using suitable equipment on 3 routes around the Gers prefecture. It does not require any specific sporting skill although it can be of different intensities depending on the routes chosen.

“It’s an activity that was launched by the muschers, in addition to their winter activity as sled drivers”, explains Cyril. This activity is accessible to all with a maximum capacity of 6 to 8 people and is also part of the canine mediation offered by Julie. The walks can last between an hour and 2 hours depending on the formula chosen. And if the couple adopted an Australian Shepherd through an association a year ago now, the 15 other dogs are huskies, which have a predisposition to tow.

The little story…

11 years ago, Cyril and Julie left Toulouse for the Gers. After a few years Cyril, construction salesman at BigMat in Auch and Julie, legal representative for the protection of adults at Udaf, decide to adopt their first dog: Skadi. Then come Freya, Friki, Skoll… “I didn’t want any dogs at the base but today… We have 16!” she laughs. Their love of huskies motivates them to take the plunge.

In 2019, Cyril left his job, followed by Julie. “We gave up everything to experience something completely different, says Cyril, I wanted to work with dogs”. He quickly passed a canine educator diploma and decided to specialize in sport at Canidélite in Toulouse, one of the 4 centers offering this training in France. This year, he is graduating in canine driving to become a sled driver. This is also the flagship activity that the couple offers.

The race with the huskies

Passionate about sport, they are also part of the Cani’Oxy’Gers association, based in Mirande, which brings together around twenty cani-cross enthusiasts: running with a dog, not to be confused with cani-walking. “It’s a rising club with great headliners. Six people from the club went to the world championship this year in Pledran in Brittany,” he says. As for Julie, she has always wanted to do animal mediation, so she embarked on canine mediation.

This summer, Cyril and Julie went back and forth between Loudenvielle, in the Hautes-Pyrénées for more freshness, and their house near Auch “We had welcome drinks in the residence campsites on Sundays when the tourists arrive to offer them our services”, says Cyril. Back in the Gers, the couple is currently waiting: their dog Freya will give birth to 7 or 8 puppies.

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