How is Tesla doing globally?

Seen from France, the manufacturer You’re here impresses with its rapid development on the electric vehicle market, yet the figures communicated by the site Statistics somewhat qualify the success of the American brand on a global scale.

While its success is undeniable in North America, with nearly 71% market share, or even in Australia, including Oceania, with 66% market share, in other regions of the world everything remains to be done for the brand. ‘Elon Musk.

In Europe, Tesla occupies the second position with 13% of sales in an electric market, neck and neck with volkswagen.

In Asia, the manufacturer’s market share is around 12%. The Chinese manufacturer Wuling takes pole position, with 14.9% of battery electric vehicles sold in the region.

Too expensive for South America?

In South America it is MG-Motornow owned by Chinese automaker SAIC, which sold the most electric vehicles (16.5%), as Tesla only managed to achieve 3.3% market share in this region.

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