Here’s why you shouldn’t kill spiders! | News

Sorry to all the many arachnophobes, but killing a spider in cold blood would be a very bad idea. Anyway, that’s what we’re told. Christine Rollardarachnologist of the National Museum of Natural History in a video of Science and Future. Here’s why.

A natural insecticide

Let’s agree, if these little beasts live on our dear blue planet, there is a good reason for it. Indeed, the researcher Christine Rollard claims that the spiders would be very helpful to the overall balance of our biodiversity. With more than 400 million tons of prey killed per year, these animals belonging to the large family of arachnids, regulate insect populations. Without them, our homes would most likely be invaded. But that’s not all, the spider contributes to maintain the ecological balance by devouring certain disease-carrying insects that are dangerous for our plantations… We are sure that you will end up loving them.

And then, there is no point in defeating them when you know that they are also the target of predators… Birds or bats will take care of that for you! If you still can’t stand them, you can always use some natural tricks to scare them away without killing them. For example, regularly cleaning with white vinegar and black soapis a very effective solution to keep them away.

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