here’s why they should NEVER be placed in the refrigerator door

When you come home from shopping, you always choose the easy way to store your eggs. Alas, it is not good for your health!

The mystery of the eggs finally revealed

Ah eggs… You can use them in a thousand ways without ever getting tired of them. From breakfast to the midday salad or the insertion in the evening recipe, there is always a way to treat yourself. Alas, after a thorough analysis, experts note that yolk increases cholesterol. As for the whites, once whipped, they are supposed to lighten the preparations. Anyway, today Objeko chose to address the difficulty of its mode of conservation. Naively, we thought that having them near the worktop could give us inspiration. However, behind the scenes, bacteria such as salmonella upset our precious balance. Come on, let’s go, this time, you’ll know everything!

Draw a line on the fridge door!

Before starting, Objeko suggest that you sound out your relatives. Like an automaton, how many put the eggs directly in the fridge? If you’re one of them, there’s no need to blush. Indeed, it is the appliance manufacturers who should review their copy. By wanting to simplify the lives of their customers, they are committing a terrible blunder. You seized it without anyone drawing you, the tray dedicated to this ingredient is in our team’s sights. Supposed to protect it against temperature fluctuations, it is quite the opposite that occurs. Yes, dear reader, if you come from a large family, you know that the device is often in demand. Let it be said, even if it is completely natural, this kind of thoughtlessness is blessed bread for microbes! So, how to avoid the tsunami?

The best place for your eggs is…

In supermarkets, it is no coincidence that eggs are sold in a separate department. Because of their fragile shells, an accident happened so quickly. Besides, we take this opportunity to tell you that putting them in the freezer is anything but a good idea. After locating the use-by date printed on it, all you have to do is don’t throw away the original box. Resistant to all kinds of collateral damage, this card can sometimes be used for the next ones.

For or against the counter?

In some homes, we like to put the eggs in the pantry. Again, this is not the right strategy. Although it may seem strange, once washed, they keep for several weeks. On the other hand, if you consider them as ordinary foods, you are heading for disaster. That’s it, now that you have the necessary data, you can start to organize yourself better. Good appetite to all and see you soon for new adventures!

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