Here are the 10 industrial foods to never eat, according to 60 million consumers!

The magazine 60 million consumers provided some basic nutrition tips. He quoted 10 foods to eat with caution and moderation. These foods include ham, granola bars, and ketchup.

60 million consumers: foods to eat with caution


To stay in shape, you need to eat properly. 60 million consumers drew up a list of unhealthy foods. Foods that may seem harmless, but should be consumed in moderation. Among these foods are additives. Used to give flavor or modify the texture, these additives can greatly harm our health. These are products such as fruit yogurtsthem dehydrated noodles or diet sodas.

You might think that this type of soda is better for your health because of the diet label, but that’s not true. Certainly, its sugar level is lower than others. However, it contains sweeteners that pose a real danger to the body.

Source: Pexel

Note that regularly drinking light drinks promotes heart problemss. In addition, they damage the teeth.

Deli meats rich in nitrate or nitrite

Like additives, foods high in nitrates are not good for health according to 60 million consumers. This is for example the case of pink ham. It contains a large amount of nitrates. That’s why 60 million consumers recommend do not consume it too often.

Likewise, foods high in nitrites should also be avoided. The reason is that they increase the risk of cancer. This is largely due to the nitroso compounds contained in these foods.

Admittedly, ANSES has published that 99% of French people do not exceed the daily limit for nitrates and nitrites. However, you have to be on your guard. For charcuterie lovers, it is recommended not to exceed 150 g per week. It should also be preferred low nitrite products.

60 million consumers
Source: Pexel

Foods high in sugar according to 60 million consumers

Eating too much sugar is bad for your health. However, most of the products we consume on a daily basis contain high amounts of sugar. This is particularly the case with ketchup or cocoa powder. These products should be consumed occasionally, as abusing them increases the risk of becoming seriously ill.

Cereal bars are also to be consumed in moderation. The fact is that they contain a large amount of fatty acids. In order not to harm your health, choose those with high calorific values. You can also make your own bars and make them less sweet.

Like cereal bars, dehydrated fruits are also high in sugar. This is why experts recommend consuming it in small quantities. They must also be accompanied by other foods to make them less harmful.

Tips for taking care of your diet

To avoid bad foods for the bodyyou have to :

  • Prioritize unprocessed products
  • Check the composition of foods or products before consuming them

The trick is to favor products containing few ingredients. Also choose those that are composed of food that is used daily. This way, you will avoid unpleasant surprises.

Products with the mention “light” on their packaging are also to be closely monitored. The reason ? Manufacturers often make up for the missing ingredient with a less healthy one. Take, for example, sugar. In some products, it is replaced by sweeteners.

Finally, the solution the easiest way to take care of your diet, is to prepare these dishes yourself. In this way, you can consume without fearing for your health. The problem only lies in the timing. You may miss it. What to do then? Often those who cook their own meals and have a busy schedule prepare their recipes in large proportions. Do like them.

60 million consumers
Source: Pexel

Finally, let’s talk about nutri-score. All products marketed in supermarkets have one. The nutri-score is used to assess the quality of a food. Therefore, before purchase, always check what is indicated. However, you should know that the nutri-score does not take into account certain elements such as additives or pesticides. Don’t forget to take a look at the ingredient list. It’s the only way to know what is in a product.

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