Heading for Overijse and Waterloo for the Villa Lorraine caterer

In a few weeks, a new Villa Lorraine caterer will open its doors in Overijse. Then, at the beginning of 2023, heading for Waterloo.

After Uccle, Lasne and Woluwe-Saint-Pierre (Stockel), the Litvin family will open soon two new Caterers from Villa Lorraine, we learned from Vladimir Litvine, manager of the Litvine Society group, in charge of project development. Within a few weeks, a new caterer will open its doors along the Chaussée de Bruxelles in Overijse and, by early 2023, another will see the light of day in Waterloo, in place of the old restaurant “De Bouche à Oreille”. At this time, the group will have five caterers.

At the beginning of July, Tatiana, Sasha and Vladimir Litvine, the three children of businessman Serge Litvine, went before a notary to set up the limited liability company Villa Lorraine catererwith a capital of 50,000 euros. The idea was to create a structure in its own right for this activity of the Litvine group, which is beginning to take on more and more importance.

A few months ago, the Litvine family created the label Litvine Society in order to bring together the various activities of the family: restaurants, caterers and the cooking workshop. “It was important for us to group our activities”, explained Vladimir Litvin to us, knowing that the various caterers helped the group to keep its head above water during the Covid pandemic. “The caterers helped us a lot, people fell back on what was open”, confirmed Vladimir Litvine.

The Callens Café becomes Lily’s

In parallel with this announced double opening, the Litvine group is also working on the renovation of Café Callens, located on the ground floor of the IT Tower, in Ixelles. According to Vladimir Litvine, the works are going well and the doors of the establishment should open at the beginning of November. For the occasion, the place was renamed “Lily’s”. “There was no longer a great place in Brussels to spend a good evening from start to finish”, explained Vladimir Litvine, who is leading this project. “It’s a well-located place that has worked well, it remains firmly in people’s minds,” our interlocutor further explained.

Open from Tuesday to Saturday, the establishment should give pride of place to mediterranean cuisine. At first, we should find Vladimir Litvine in the kitchen. “It will be a place for people who want to have a good time and do more than eat,” adds our interlocutor who, at this stage, does not want to reveal all his cards. Discussions are underway with a artistic directorthe idea being that future customers have a good time.

The Callens Café will reopen under the name “Lily’s” in early 2023.

Today the Litvine Society regroup eight restaurants which together have earned 5 stars in the Michelin guide (La Villa Lorraine, La Villa in the sky, La Villa Emily, Odette en Ville, Voltaire, Da Mimmo, Lola and Le Variété), three caterers (and soon five) and a cooking workshop.

For a few months, as we have said, the family has promoted the Litvine Society label behind which we find Serge Litvine, the father, in finance, his two daughters, Tatiana and Sasha, in administration, communication and in events and the son, Vladimir, in project development and kitchen consultancy.

The summary

  • The Litvin family continues to expand its activities.
  • Within a few weeks, a Villa Lorraine caterer will open its doors to Overijse. In early 2023, the course will be set Waterloo.
  • Along with this, the renovation of the Callens Café advance. It will reopen its doors in early 2023 under the name “Lily’s“.

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