he understands that he must act quickly to save his cat

An owner looks out the window: he understands that he must act quickly to save his cat

An Australian animal control officer is being investigated after being caught on camera trying to lure a cat out of its owner’s home so he can impound it!

The shocking and bizarre incident happened outside Steven and Julie Stephens’ home in Queensland, Australia. CCTV footage from a camera attached to the couple’s front door shows an animal control officer attempting to lure the cat into the driveway. She then picks up the cat and begins to carry it to her vehicle.


Luckily, the tomcat’s owner was able to see the agent’s ride in real time from inside his house. When he realized what was happening, he ran outside to confront the individual.

The thief returned the cat to its rightful owner. Steven Stevens said the employee was trying to exploit a legal loophole that says animal control services can seize cats that stray from private property.

Authorities wanted to seize six more animals

This isn’t the first time the Stephens have had trouble with animal services. Days earlier, another animal control officer had visited the home to inform the couple that local authorities were planning to seize six of the Stephens’ pets.

In addition to a few cats, the couple also own six dogs. According to the council, the large furry family is violating local laws limiting the number of pets on specific properties.

Mr. Stephen recognized the problem. However, he has no intention of giving up any of his dogs.

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