He spends £400 on vet bills only to find out his lame dog was just copying him

After a while, some animals and their humans can start to look alike, even imitate each other.

This is the case of Russell Jones, his dog began to act the same way as him. When Jones started using crutches after breaking his ankle, he noticed something was wrong with his Lurcher named Billy. During walks, her dog began to limp.

In a video Jones posted on Facebook, he is seen in cast walking on a sidewalk on his crutches, and Billy is walking right beside him with his front paw lifted off the ground.

The family legitimately thought the dog was injured and took him to the vet. They paid almost €400 for two vet visits, paw X-rays and painkillers, in hopes of figuring out the problem. Unfortunately, the vets couldn’t figure out what was wrong with Billy and told the family there was nothing they could do.

When the Joneses returned home from the visit, Billy went to play in the garden.

Like magic, his limp disappeared and he started running around. As Jones says in his Facebook post, he had “nothing at all”. It seems that Billy was sympathetically copying his injured owner.

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Quickly, the funny video went viral. Billy’s acting skills have garnered over 40,000 reactions and around 60,000 shares on Facebook and been broadcast on news channels around the world. Many people responded with funny stories about similar situations with their pets.

One person spoke of the time they suspected their pet Oscar’s tail was broken: ‘I didn’t want to touch her because it clearly annoyed her. She revealed that the moment she paid for the vet visit, he “started wagging his tail looking at me.” »

A month later, in February 2021, Jones posted another video with the caption, “What happens next with Bill. In the video, they walk together on the same sidewalk. This time, however, as Billy had just had his dew claw removed, the dog had a cast. As Billy limped – for real this time – Jones did the same. People said on that last video, “You also need a red bandage.”

Sadly, in March 2022, Jones shared in the Facebook group, “Hi everyone, I wanted to tell you here that my Billy is gone forever today. He had lung cancer and it was time to say goodbye to him. I wanted to tell you about it here because that’s where our 5 minutes of fame began. »

“Scientists have proven that dogs can have incredible empathy for their owners,” Jones’ wife Michelle said. “And Billy’s empathy was very strong, he pretended to be in pain so that Russell felt loved. I think it’s so smart. Dogs are amazing. »

Billy’s story was not over, however. Posthumously, on September 8, 2022, Billy received the Internet Sensation Award at the People’s Pet Awards. “For him to be so honored is just amazing and keeps his memory alive,” Jones said. “We miss him dearly but we are so touched that his story has been shared with millions of people around the world. »

In January 2021, Russell Jones noticed his Lurcher, Billy, was acting weird since Jones broke his ankle.

The dog had mysteriously started limping every time Jones walked him.

After coming home after spending nearly £400 at the vet to find out what was wrong, Billy magically took off and he started running around their garden.

The family quickly realized that Billy was copying the limp from Jones who posted the evidence online.

Billy’s acting skills brought him fame on the internet, and the video was loved by millions of people around the world.

A month later, Jones posted another video of Billy having had to remove his dew claw. Billy now had a cast, and Jones limped out of sympathy.

Sadly, in March 2022, the kind Lurcher passed away after a battle with lung cancer. The loss of the Jones family has saddened fans around the world.

Billy’s story was not over, however. Posthumously, on September 8, 2022, Billy received the Internet Sensation Award at the People’s Pet Awards.

Russell Jones: Facebook Billy the Lurcher: Instagram

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