he rebels against the police with his malinois in Montélimar

This Saturday, September 10 in the early evening, the police of Montélimar had to deal with an aggressive man and his dog, an equally aggressive Malinois. It’s 7:45 p.m. whena victim of knife threats, contact the emergency police.

Three crews of police go to the scene and chase the attacker, fleeing at the sight of the uniforms. The police end up surrounding the fugitive and his dog. The man stirs up the animal’s aggressiveness by yelling at it to keep law enforcement at bay. The police use a stun gun only once. Which is not enough to calm the young man of 22 who is still trying to escape the police.

He ends up falling in his race and is immediately arrested. On him the agents find the knife. This Sunday evening, the man is still in custody and does not recognize the facts. No policeman is injured.

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