He parks with a non-electric vehicle in a charging station reserved for Tesla, it ends badly

A rather strange accident has occurred at a dedicated Tesla charging station involving a non-electric vehicle.

Sometimes, it is true, the cohabitation between gasoline cars and electric vehicles is difficult. Not that the two types of vehicles are technically incompatible. But rather because of driver behaviorwhich are sometimes clearly divided between supporters of gasoline and fierce defenders of electric.

So sometimes it can happen funny situations. Especially, conflicts can arise between the two types of owners. This is obviously what happened a few days ago, in Texas, nearAustin. And everything would start from aggressive behaviour of the driver of a gasoline-powered car.

The strange and aggressive behavior of the owner of a gasoline vehicle

Specifically, it turns out that the employee of a dedicated Tesla electric charging station was assaulted by the driver of a gasoline-powered vehicle. In English, the incident would even have a particular name. It would be a “ICEing incident”. What does this refer to? “ICE” means, always in English, “Internal Combustion Engine”. These are in fact gasoline vehicles.

A “ICEing incident” is then an expression which refers to the situation in which a non-electric vehicle, or rather gasoline, parks in a space reserved for an electric vehicle. These are places equipped with an electric charging station, and which are then normally dedicated to electric vehicles. Some US states and countries have simply imposed almonds in this kind of situation, which solves the problem. Others, like Texas, have not done so…

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Suspect still wanted by police

“Preliminary investigation shows that prior to the disturbance, the man parked his non-Tesla vehicle at one of the charging stations. After entering a restricted area of ​​the Tesla charging station, the man began urinating and arguing with the Tesla employee. The man then attacked the Tesla employee with his car before leaving the scene.details the first survey report.

A not trivial situation, especially since the reasons for this attack are not at all known. Maybe he is crazy? Unless the aggressor is a staunch defender gasoline car. To the point of attacking employees of one of the most prominent electric vehicle companies on the market. In any event, the police actively searches for the aggressorwhich is still unknown.

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