He leaves a snake without food for months after leaving his apartment

Last September, firefighters discovered a python that was alone in an apartment in Rouen (Seine-Maritime). Help had been requested by the owner of the premises, worried about not having heard from his tenant. The latter would have suddenly left the premises in July for a reason still unknown; reports Paris-Normandy.

A complaint for animal abandonment

The reptile was taken care of in mid-October by an association located in Eure. “When I picked it up, the python was cold, there was no heating in the apartment,” explains its manager. According to him, the animal was deprived of water and food for four months. “But snakes can survive for a long time without feeding,” he says.

The reptile in question was not chipped; which has been mandatory since 2018. He should soon be taken to the vet to determine if he is a female or a male. It should then be offered for adoption or kept by the association. The owner of the apartment filed a complaint for animal abandonment.

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